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Genshin Impact: How to Get Moonlight Merriment Festive Fever

genshin impact moonlight merriment festive fever

Genshin Impact: How to Get Moonlight Merriment Festive Fever

Plenty of events and activities are currently underway to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Genshin Impact. Moonlight Merriment is one such event and it uses a Festive Fever meter that’s similar to the one seen in the Lantern Rite Festival from earlier this year. Here’s how to get Festive Fever in Genshin Impact’s Moonlight Merriment event.

How to Get Festive Fever in Moonlight Merriment Event

Players need to be Adventure Rank 28 and must have completed the A New Star Approaches and Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip quests to participate in the Moonlight Merriment event.

The first part of this quest will have you traveling all over Liyue with Xinagling and Keqing, meeting up with all of your past acquaintances. Once you return to the giant stone that starts this little trip, the event will open up to you.

Mystmoon Chests & Moonchase Charms

After completing Moonlight Merriment: Part 1, a new marker will appear. Follow it and speak to Linyang. She’ll mark your map to show you the locations of Mystmoon Chests and Moonchase Charms.

Opening the chests and collecting the charms will increase Festive Fever as part of the Moonlight Seeker portion of the Moonlight Merriment event.

Filling the collection meter will provide rewards such as level up materials, Mora, and Festive Fever at the milestones shown in the image above.

Trail of Delicacies Combat Chellenges

The second way to increase Festive Fever for Moonlight Merriment is to complete the combat challenges that are part of the Trail of Delicacies portion of the event.

These challenges will become available in the event menu after finishing Moonlight Merriment: Part 1.

More challenges will become available as the event progresses, so waiting a few real-world days will provide you with more opportunities to earn Festive Fever.

How to Use Festive Fever

Much like in the Lantern Rite Festival, Festive Fever is a meter shown on the event menu. As it increases, new Moonchase Tales quests will automatically be unlocked.

These are main event quests that advance the storyline from Part 1. Your adventures with Xiangling, Keqing, and the citizens of Liyue will continue through these quests as more Festive Fever is earned.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Festive Fever in Genshin Impact‘s Moonlight Merriment event. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other useful info on the game.

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