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Breath of the Wild Meets Miyazaki in This Breathtaking Artwork by Lyndon Willoughby


Breath of the Wild Meets Miyazaki in This Breathtaking Artwork by Lyndon Willoughby

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it would look like if famed author and co-founder of Studio Ghibli Hayao Miyazaki got his hands on the Legend of Zelda series, then you’re definitely going to want to check out the amazing Breath of the Wild artwork that Lyndon Willoughby created.

While it was made two years ago for New York City Comic Con, Willoughby’s artwork recently came up on the Breath of the Wild subreddit in the form of a post by user tweetage. You can see the post below, which depicts Link gliding through the air around a mountain-sized Guardian.

For anyone that is a fan of Studio Ghibli or Miyazaki, one look at the poster, and the first thing that’ll come to mind is the old artwork for Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Heck, the Guardian even looks like the giant laser turrets that appear in the film.

Unfortunately, anyone wishing to get their hands on this magnificent piece of Breath of the Wild art will either need a time machine or someone who purchased one at NYCC two years ago. Willoughby states on his website that all art prints are limited edition and will not be restocked once sold out.

With that said, his website and social media (Instagram, Twitter) do have plenty of great art that you’re going to want to check out, including The Shining, Star Wars The Clone Wars, and Link’s Awakening. There are even some prints available, but they aren’t very gaming-focused at the moment and there are only two pieces.

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