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Best Video Games to Play With Your Girlfriend & Boyfriend (Couples)


Best Video Games to Play With Your Girlfriend & Boyfriend (Couples)

Video games are always better together, especially when you get to play with the one you love. To celebrate that, we’ve compiled a list of the best video games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend as a couple.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Best Couples Video Games

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Is it really surprising that a game called Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime would be a good game to play with your significant other? The game puts one to four players into a spaceship that has a variety of stations inside; things like cannons, shields, engines, and more.

In order to make it through each level, players have to run through the ship, activating the proper stations for obstacles that come up or puzzles that need to be solved. Things can get hectic fast as you’re trying to keep the ship moving, but trying to get shields up to block projectiles, and then use your weapons to take down enemies at the same time.

Needless to say you’ll need a lot of coordination, and it just might be a true test of your relationship. Of course, it also helps that the game sports an incredibly cute and colorful art style.

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