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7 Things You Should Know Before Starting Deathloop


7 Things You Should Know Before Starting Deathloop

It’s time to kill, sneak, die and repeat with the release of Deathloop on PS5 and PC this week. Filling the boots of Colt, you’ll be tasked with killing the various Visionaries of Black Reef island while figuring out how to escape the deadly time loop he finds himself trapped in. Oh, and did we forget to mention there’s an assassin by the name of Julianna constantly hunting you down? Well… yeah, there’s that, too. To help you get started in your opening hours, we’ve compiled a list of things you should know before starting Deathloop.

It’s fair to say that things can feel pretty overwhelming when you first start out on Colt’s adventure, so this aims to help serve as a bit of a primer to help you hit the ground running again, and again… and probably again several more times, too.

It’ll Take a Couple Hours to Get to Grips With

Things You Should Know Before Starting Deathloop

things you should know before starting deathloop

If at first things can feel a little overwhelming in Deathloop, you’re certainly not alone. There’s a lot to take in in your opening hours from the ‘Leads’ that essentially work as main and side quests, the various weapons, Trinkets, weapon perks and Slabs, and just the general layout of the game.

Those leads, in particular, are what you’ll want to spend some time figuring out. Each lead needs to be thoroughly investigated until you either get a new waypoint or you’ve discovered what you need to know to progress the Lead, and, in turn, the story onto a new region of Black Reef.

Being put off by the first hour or two is completely normal, but don’t let it stop you from pushing on. Our very own Senior Editor, Alex Gibson, who reviewed Deathloop for the site recommends pushing through the opening two hours — ideally in one single playthrough — before making a verdict on whether the game’s for you or not.

That may sound like a lot of time, but if you’ve been hyped for Deathloop and feel a little disappointed to begin with, just push on. Things get so much better when you’ve got to grips with the various mechanics and systems at play.

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