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10 Nintendo 64 & Sega Genesis Games That Need To Be Added to Nintendo Switch Online


10 Nintendo 64 & Sega Genesis Games That Need To Be Added to Nintendo Switch Online

During last week’s Nintendo Direct, we learned that two new consoles will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online service through an expansion pack upgrade. In late October, we’ll be able to start playing a selection of Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis games on the Switch.

Nintendo 64 makes sense because it was the next main console sequentially after the NES and SNES. The Genesis, however, is a lot more surprising, as it wasn’t even a Nintendo console. That being said, it was a nice surprise to see that we’ll be able to play those games on NSO soon.

We already have information about what the launch N64 and Genesis games will include, as well as some that will be added to the service over time. NES and SNES games had been added over the course of time as well, so we expect the same will be true for these.

Here are 10 N64 and Genesis games (five from each console) that we hope will be added to Nintendo Switch Online before too long.

N64: Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2

pokemon stadium

Many of us who grew up with the Nintendo 64 have fond memories of playing both Pokemon Stadium games. It was the first time that players could have actual Pokemon battles on the TV screen, which was especially cool because Pokemon from the Game Boy could be transferred to Stadium.

Battling in Pokemon Stadium on Nintendo Switch Online would be a fun, nostalgic throwback to the days of generation one and two, but there’s an even greater reason why we want to see these games on the service: both versions offered multiplayer in battles and in mini-games, which would make it fun to hop online to challenge our friends.

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