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Ranking All Marvel MCU Shows From Worst to Best


Ranking All Marvel MCU Shows From Worst to Best

***Spoiler Warning: The following article contains in-depth spoilers for the MCU and its Disney+ television shows. If you don’t want spoilers for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, and all of the Marvel movies, don’t read any further.***

3. Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Ranking the MCU Shows Worst to Best

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Gets Final Trailer

Let’s get one thing straight: Falcon and the Winter Soldier has a lot of good moments in it. Those high points include a solid dynamic between Bucky and Sam, an arc that is pivotal to legitimizing Sam as Captain American, and side characters that really shine like Baron Zemo and Isiah Bradley. 

With that said, Falcon and the Winter Soldier is easily the worst show that Marvel has produced so far. Its plot is all over the place, as it can’t really tell where it wants to go with its conflicts and who the story’s antagonists are supposed to be. As a result, its characters and overall message suffer. 

One second, John Walker is the worst thing on the planet, bashing in skulls with Captain America’s shield, while Karli and the Flagsmashers are simple, man-of-the-people vigilantes. The next moment, Karli is setting fire to innocent people and just murdering for fun while Walker puts his life in harm’s way to protect people again?

Sure, this is supposed to display the dualities of man and paint things in more of a gray light. The problem is that the motives and consistency aren’t there, as one small thing changes these characters’ personalities multiple times. 

As such, instead of viewing Walker and Karli and The Flagsmashers more as anti-heroes that oppose Sam and Bucky, they come off as bipolar hotheads that are impossible to sympathize with or fully relate to. The show just feels like an excuse to have cool actions sequences and very little more.

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