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5 Questions We Still Have After Moon Knight’s Debut Season

moon knight and marc spector

5 Questions We Still Have After Moon Knight’s Debut Season

As Moon Knight draws to a close, the future of the MCU’s latest superhero is still in flux. The final episode tied up most of the loose ends while raising a number of questions about the future of this series and its characters. Here are five of the most pressing questions that we still have following the end of Moon Knight’s debut season.

SPOILER WARNING: Just about everything down below contains spoilers for Moon Knight season one. If you have not finished the first season and seen the end credits scene, then proceed at your own risk.

How Will the Story Continue?

moon knight
Source: Disney+

The first MCU TV Show on Disney+, WandaVision, wasn’t really set up for a second season and it was entirely expected to be a one-off series. It wasn’t until Loki that the MCU shows opened up the possibility of having multiple seasons. But even then, nothing was officially announced until the end of the season.

Well, we’re here at the end of Moon Knight and so far nothing in the way of a second season has been announced. The final episode saw the birth of Layla as an ‘Egyptian superhero’ — potentially the Scarlet Scarab — and the reveal of Jake Lockley as another one of Marc’s identities. Just for those two characters alone, there’s enough to build around for a second season.

Beyond the possibility of a second season, there’s another intriguing path that this franchise could take which hasn’t been done yet in the MCU. Moon Knight director, Mohamed Diab, told The Wrap in a recent interview, “I would love to have the chance to make Moon Knight into a film.” A Moon Knight film isn’t currently on the docket, but having the director of the TV series on board is a good start.

What’s Next For Marc/Steven/Jake?

jake lockley looking over left shoulder
Source: Disney+

The Moon Knight series clearly explained the origins of Marc and then his formation of Steven to cope with the death of his younger brother. It was clear throughout the show that there was another identity in there, but we didn’t end up seeing him until the post-credits scene when Jake appeared and killed Harrow to do Khonshu’s bidding.

At this point, it still seems like Marc and Steven are vaguely aware that there might be another personality that they’re unaware of taking up residence in their body. They clearly recognized Jake’s presence throughout the show and especially during the scene where Marc, Steven, and Layla were fighting Harrow and his followers.

With Marc and Steven being closer than ever now, they will almost certainly be able to tell when Jake takes control of their body since they talk frequently. Once they figure that out, there’s sure to be an intense conversation with Khonshu and a battle with Jake in store.

What’s Next For Layla?

layla with wings as avatar of taweret
Source: Marvel

As we saw in the final episode, Layla became the “temporary” avatar of the goddess Taweret. Temporary is in quotes because the Egyptian gods don’t seem to be too keen about giving up their avatars until the human is killed or the god is entombed in an ushabti. Khonshu finally left Marc and Steven alone because he was secretly still working with their hidden third identity, Jake.

It seems likely that Layla will be in service to the hippo goddess of childbirth for a bit longer than was originally agreed upon. After their fight with Harrow and his followers, Layla is clearly still in the full combat gear granted to her by Taweret. It’s very possible that she will eventually become the Egyptian hero from the comics who is known as the Scarlet Scarab.

As of right now, there’s no official media that refers to her as the Scarlet Scarab in her costume from the final episode. But it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine that Layla will return on her own or alongside Moon Knight in future MCU content.

Who Will Be The New Ennead Avatars?

ennead meeting chambers with avatars present
Source: Marvel

The group of Egyptian gods played a major role in Moon Knight and it’s hard to imagine a world where Khonshu and Taweret are doing as they please and the rest of the gods just sit back and do nothing. It was clear that the other gods were not too fond of Khonshu’s methods since they were supposed to act as observers of humanity instead of directly interacting with them.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the gods try to find another group of avatars and possibly take a more cautious approach the next time someone is accused of something as dangerous as trying to summon Ammit. Fortunately, Ammit may be permanently gone from the MCU since Jake Lockley killed Harrow in the Moon Knight episode six mid-credits scene.

There are no predictions for who the future avatars will be, but it could be anyone from characters we currently know to completely random people from around the world. It’ll also be interesting to see if the gods come back and try to punish Khonshu for tricking Marc and Steven into accepting a deal that still allows him to inhabit their body through Jake.

Can Marc/Steven Still Summon the Suit?

Moon Knight walking towards camera
Source: Disney+

Finally, the big question for the future of Moon Knight is if the two main characters — Marc and Steven — can still summon the suit that gives them most of their powers. Off the bat, the general thought is that since they voluntarily gave up their direct ties to Khonshu that they will no longer get the benefits that come along with being the moon god’s avatar.

However, it seems like even the other identities who didn’t make the original agreement with Khonshu are still able to summon the suit in one form or another. As was seen earlier in the season, Steven was able to summon a more formal version of the suit even without being the one who originally agreed to be Khonshu’s avatar.

This makes it seem likely that Marc and Steven could still have the ability to summon their own versions of the Moon Knight suit. It might just take a realization that they have a third identity occupying their body and that Khonshu still has a hold on their soul.

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