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Ranking All Boyfriend Dungeon Weapons From Worst to Best


Ranking All Boyfriend Dungeon Weapons From Worst to Best

Kitfox Games‘ Boyfriend Dungeon has been out for a little while now, and in that time, we’ve been able to assemble a ranking list of the best and worst weapons to take on your trips to the dungeons within the game. Taking the right weapon can mean all the difference between a successful run through a “dunj” and a trip back to your apartment via ambulance.

The latter isn’t exactly the best way to end a date in a dunj, so prepare yourself well with the correct character for the right situation. Do note that no weapon is really poor per se, as each has their own advantages and disadvantages, some more than others. With that, let’s get to the rankings.

7. Valeria the Dagger

Boyfriend Dungeon Weapons From Worst to Best

Boyfriend Dungeon

Valeria is known to cut to the chase with her dagger abilities. Though her strikes jut out quickly, they do leave your character rather vulnerable in the process. Getting surrounded by foes is not recommended, despite her heavy finishers allowing the dagger to strike the ground, sending out a small, but fast and painful shockwave to enemies, as they’re just hard to control.

Though when surrounded, rolling can not only avoid enemy attacks but it also can confuse enemies, leaving them vulnerable for a change. The effect at Love Rank 1 is limited, but by Love Rank 2 it can confuse enemies a tad longer. Still, taking a lot of damage due to vulnerability with Valeria is more probable than confusing enemies, making Valeria our pick for the worst weapon in Boyfriend Dungeon – though still quite effective.

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