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Fortnite: How to Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker or Human Bill


Fortnite: How to Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker or Human Bill

For the Fortnite week 8 challenges, players will be tasked with having to “Mindwipe Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Human Bill.” You only need to wipe the mind of one of these characters, so simply take your pick and make your way to them. This guide will show you where to find each of these NPCs and how to mindwipe in Fortnite.

Bunkey Jonesy, Swamp Stalker & Human Bill Locations in Fortnite

We’ve marked the locations of each of these NPCs on the map below.

fortnite human bill, fortnite swamp stalker, fortnite bunker jonesy

The good news is that Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker and Human Bill don’t move around the map, so they’ll spawn in these locations every match. If you’re looking for more detailed breakdowns of their locations, keep on reading.

  • Bunker Jonesy Found at Lumber Lodge Cabin, south of Misty Meadows and just the other side of the mountains. This is also where we had to visit earlier this season to find Bunker Jonesy’s Conspiracy Board.
fortnite bunker jonesy
  • Swamp Stalker – In or around a raised shack in the south of Slurpy Swamp.
fortnite swamp stalker
  • Human Bill – Inside a building in the northeast of Steamy Stacks. He was on the top floor for us when we visited him.
fortnite human bill

How to Mindwipe Characters in Fortnite

Simply walk over to any of the characters and interact with them. You should be given the option to mindwipe the character once you’ve press X/Square/ Y/ E to interact with them.

You only need to mindwipe any one of Bunkey Jonesy, Swamp Stalker or Human Bill in order to complete this Fortnite week 8 challenge.

For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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