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Cute Nezuko & Kanao Demon Slayer Figures Available In November


Cute Nezuko & Kanao Demon Slayer Figures Available In November

Anyone who has seen Demon Slayer knows that Nezuko and Kanao are two of the best girls not only in the show but in all of anime. These cute, innocent, and fierce characters are a great representation of how to write interesting personalities.

To celebrate both of these characters, Famitsu revealed that Demon Slayer would once again be teaming up with Figuarts Mini to create replicas of Nezuko and Kanao. You can see an example of what they look like below.

Each figure will come with a dedicated pedestal and replacement parts. The 75mm Nezuko will have alternative facial features that can be swapped out, while 90mm Kanao will have 2 types of right arm options.

Anyone interested in getting one of these figures for themselves can head over to the website, linked here and here. While reservations can be placed today, Nezuko and Kanao won’t actually get released until some point in Nov.

If you’re still on the hunt for more anime content, be sure to check out all of the news, features, and meme posts down below. That includes plenty of Demon Slayer-oriented stuff, including why you should want the movie and even a handful of quizzes, ranging from personality to trivia.

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