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4 Reasons to Board the Hype Train for the Demon Slayer Movie

4 Reasons to Board the Demon Slayer Movie Hype Train

4 Reasons to Board the Hype Train for the Demon Slayer Movie

It’s not exactly a secret that the Demon Slayer movie is a breakout hit. It shattered records to become the top-grossing film in Japanese history, and its run in the U.S. won’t even kick off until later next month.

With that said though, some might still be on the fence about seeing it, which is why we’ve compiled four reasons to board the hype train for the film’s U.S. release.

(Featured Image credit to Aniplex USA and Ufotable)

Stellar Animation & Art

4 Reasons to Board the Hype Train for the Demon Slayer Movie
Image via Aniplex USA and Ufotable

The first season of Demon Slayer boasted some of the best animation in the industry, and the Demon Slayer movie doesn’t fall short of that standard in the slightest.

In the trailers alone, one can make out plenty of gorgeous scenes that fall right in line with what the televised anime offered. Flames flicker and swirl, waves of water crash alongside the swing of Tanjiro’s blade, and characters move with a grace and purpose one can’t help but take notice of.

This will come as little surprise to anyone who has seen any of the past works of Ufotable, the film’s creator. Most all of their projects across both television and film are lauded as some of the best animated productions in the industry, and their skill has only increased with each passing year.

Granted, one wouldn’t be blamed for having high expectations of the Demon Slayer movie’s animation quality, what with it being a motion picture with an appropriately large budget. However, given Ufotable’s pedigree, it’s safe to say viewers can go into the experience expecting nothing less but the best visually and walk away satisfied.

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