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Fortnite Player Creates Insane Cyberpunk Cityscape in Creative Mode


Fortnite Player Creates Insane Cyberpunk Cityscape in Creative Mode

While Fortnite may be known for its competitive Battle Royale mode, the game’s creative mode is actually quite in-depth as well, allowing players to create some pretty impressive maps to play in. In fact, one dedicated user showed just how insanely detailed you can get while in Creative Mode, creating an entire cyberpunk-themed city.

Posted to the Gaming Subreddit, user FiveWalnut8586 revealed their creation, which you can see down below.

Fortnite Cyberpunk

The creator goes on to explain that it took them two weeks, aka a fortnite, to create this large world, stating it took them more than 50 hours or so of work to finish. They were even kind enough to offer the creative world code for their map so that everyone could experience it for themselves.

A more in-depth look was provided by another user, who used the world code and recorded the video that is posted down below.

Anyone interested in checking this awesome Fortnite map out for themselves simply needs to type in the world code of 8521-2056-8182. Be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Also, if you’ve got any more creative Fortnite worlds, we’d love to see those as well.

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