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7 Aliens That Need to Join Fortnite’s Locker in Season 7


7 Aliens That Need to Join Fortnite’s Locker in Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 has arrived, and this time around the theme is ‘Invasion’ of the alien variety. While we already know Rick and Morty have made their way into the Battle Pass alongside Superman, we couldn’t help but brainstorm a few ideas of other alien lifeforms that deserve a spot in Fortnite’s Locker.

So that’s exactly what we did! Below you’ll find seven invasion or alien-related skins we’d love to see appear in Fortnite throughout Season 7!


fortnite season 7 skins

One of the first and best that ever did it. Alf may not look like your typical alien, but the alien life form (ALF) came from his home planet of Melmac and decided to settle down with the Tanner family during the 90s.

While this one will most likely be lost on all the hip, young kids of today that are busy crankin’ 90s, rather than learning about the incredible TV and film to release in the decade, we couldn’t write this list without giving him a nod. Besides, imagine that quiff rendered in Fortnite’s world. Magical stuff.

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