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5 Video Games Netflix Should Adapt Into an Animated Series Next


5 Video Games Netflix Should Adapt Into an Animated Series Next

The whole point of games is that they’re interactive media and we get to have some level of control and choice. But sometimes, it’s great to just sit back and watch a story unfold. This is why, despite the industry’s many failed adaptations, we still love it when our favorite games are turned into animated series or movies.

While many companies have tried and gotten various results, one industry titan has spearheaded the effort to adapt video game stories in this manner and has had pretty moderate success. That company is Netflix, and with shows like Castlevania, Dota, Dragon’s Dogma, and more on the way, the streaming juggernaut is clearly interested in adapting video game stories to television.

Live-action shows would be really fun, but animated adaptations can allow a lot more freedom for a lower budget. To that end, here are some video games that we think Netflix should adapt into an animated series next.


Video Games That Netflix Should Adapt Into Animated Series

Bloodborne animated series

The world of Bloodborne is bleak, harsh, and filled with tragedy. In many ways, this already mirrors Netflix’s Castlevania series, but admittedly, Bloodborne has a lot more style and lore. Just like that show, though, Bloodborne could adapt any part of its world, and it would be fascinating.

Bloodborne has so much history that an animated show wouldn’t even have to adapt the main game’s events. They could do a deep dive on any past plot point. The ancient civilization that existed before Yharnam, the philosophical differences between Laurence and Master Willem, and the founding of the healing church – any of these could be great starting points, even setting the stage for the events of the game at a later season.

As much as Bloodborne would look terrifyingly gorgeous in live-action, an animated series would be better because trying to make a set based on the city of Yharnam would be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. An animated series could do the monsters and unsettling gore justice without such costs, just as Castlevania does.

A detailed animated art style could also show how in-depth the world of Bloodborne is. From things like the grotesque statues everywhere to the design of the architecture, everything in-game is gorgeous and would look even better in the form of an anime.

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