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Resident Evil Village: How to Open Coffin Gate

How to Open Coffin Gate

Resident Evil Village: How to Open Coffin Gate

Resident Evil veterans won’t be surprised to learn that while the latest game in the series feels different from its predecessors in many ways, there’s still the same focus on puzzle-solving. And just as in games gone by, some are rather tricky to solve. Here’s how to open Coffin Gate in Resident Evil Village.

How to Open Coffin Gate in Resident Evil Village

After obtaining the Iron Insignia Key, head down into the dungeons where you encountered the hoards of sword and ax-wielding enemies. In the upper right corner of the area, you will see a gate you can unlock with the key that will lead to a room with a coffin. As soon as you enter though, a gate will go up around it, keeping you from examining it. To open the gate around the coffin, you’ll need to light some hanging braziers in the room.

They can be lit by blowing up a nearby wall with a pipe bomb to expose a stationary brazier. Throw the pipe bomb at the wall, and then hit the hanging Braziers toward the stationary brazier. Once one is lit, hit it into the other one. Once both are lit, you’ll gain access to the coffin, and inside will be the Azure Eye.

For now, then, that’s all you need to know about how to open Coffin Gate in Resident Evil Village. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other general information on the game.

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