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Resident Evil Village: How to Get SSS Rank in Mercenaries


Resident Evil Village: How to Get SSS Rank in Mercenaries

Resident Evil Village is the latest mainline entry in Capcom’s popular survival horror franchise, and it also brings back the beloved Mercenaries mode that was originally introduced in Resident Evil 4. The mode works a little differently than what you might be used to, and functions more similarly to Revelations’ Raid mode, but you’ll still have to get combos and beat the timer to rack up points. Here’s how to get SSS rank in Mercenaries in Resident Evil Village.

Getting SSS Rank in Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil Village

Your rank in Mercenaries is largely dependent on three things: how much time is left on the timer when you clear a stage, how many kills you got, and what your highest kill combo is.

With that in mind, your goal is to make your way through the various areas of each stage as quickly as possible, while also killing as many enemies as you can. There are a total of four stages, along with a harder version of each of them. Each stage starts with you purchasing a starting weapon, and you’ll also find blue orbs scattered around that will give you abilities.

There’s no limit to how many abilities you can have, so try to grab as many blue orbs as you can, as these will help to buff you and make it easier to finish a stage with a high score. On the other hand, yellow orbs are time bonuses, so grab them as well.

Normal Stages

The normal mode stages should be pretty easy for you to breeze through with most loadouts. But to get the highest rank possible, we recommend going for weapons like the sniper rifle or the shotgun. It’s fairly easy to get ammo for either of these weapons, and they’re perfect for both long and close range encounters.

On the flip side, the handgun isn’t quite as useful here, and you’re better off selling it off, along with any handgun ammo you have, for more Lei to buy other supplies. As for abilities, try to go for any that will boost your damage and firepower, and you should be able to get through easily.

resident evil village mercenaries sss rank

One quick tip: finishing the stages with B rank will let you start stages with some extra Lei, which can be put towards buying supplies.

Hard Stages

The harder stages are a whole different ball game, and we recommend going for weapons like the handgun and the magnum. Enemies are tougher here and will spawn more frequently, but you can greatly increase handgun damage by getting abilities that will increase firepower.

Considering how easy it is to get handgun ammo, this should allow you to take them down quickly, and save the magnum ammo for tougher foes.

According to a strategy by PowerPyx, it’s also possible to get through the hard mode stages with the knife as your primary weapon, but this does require an element of luck.

By getting the Masamune and Blademaster abilities, these will give you a significant damage boost with knife attacks. Pair that up with flashbangs and the grenade launcher for crowd control, and you’ll be able to get through the stages quickly.

This method is very RNG-based, though, so your mileage may vary.

That’s all you need to know about how to get SSS rank in Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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