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Resident Evil Village: How to Open Black Doors


Resident Evil Village: How to Open Black Doors

The key to opening doors.

The survival horror experience that is Capcom’s Resident Evil Village has finally arrived. As you search desperately for your missing daughter as Ethan Winters, there are plenty of enemies to vanquish and puzzles to solve. It would not be Resident Evil if there were not special doors that need a special key to open. If you need some help figuring out how to open the black doors in Resident Evil Village, here’s what you need to know.

How to Open Black Doors in Resident Evil Village

With the winding nature of the game, there are instances where you will find yourself up against black doors that just do not want to open. After all, you are not the boss around here. However, if you are looking to venture beyond these obstacles, you will need Dimitrescu’s Key. The important piece of the puzzle will allow you to open up these black doors in Resident Evil Village.

The key can be found in Lady Dimitrescu’s quarters. Head through the Courtyard Building and you will find where you need to be. Just look for the couch, and you will find the key hanging off a hook to the right of the journal. With the key in possession, all the black doors in Capcom’s latest game are yours to open.

Now that you know how to open black doors in Resident Evil Village, you might have other queries about the game. Be sure to dive into our comprehensive guide wiki for even more tips and information on the game. For any other related content, just look below for more articles covering Resident Evil Village. If there are any particular questions that you need an answer to, hit us in the comments below as well. We will try our best to find you the answers.

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