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Resident Evil Village: How to Get Four-Winged Key

Resident Evil Four-Winged Key

Resident Evil Village: How to Get Four-Winged Key

Resident Evil is a game series about two things: zombies and locks. While Resident Evil Village strays pretty far from zombies, locks remain important. As not every door is locked from the other side, most do require keys, but most are not easy to find. Ethan must use his wits and luck to recover the keys needed to progress, but luckily, players can get some help. Here’s how to get the Four-Winged Key in Resident Evil Village.

How to get the Four-Winged Key in Resident Evil Village

Shortly after escaping the castle, you will come across the mysterious village woman saying a prayer, during a cutscene you will see her put a key into a small chest and leave. Once the cutscene is over, open the small chest and retrieve the Winged Key, this will open the door in front of you and then one for a way back into the village.

You’ll first notice the Winged Key not being enough when you arrive at Duke and try to use it on the door to the left of him and you get the notice of “this key won’t fit. It’s decorated with a crest of four wings.” As you can tell, it needs the Four-Winged Key.

Back the first save point after leaving the castle, a note will mention something delivered to a house with a red chimney, and Duke will also point you in its direction. You might not have noticed it, but you’ve been near the house, it’s behind the teal gate.

Four-Winged Key location

Once re-entering the village, you will want to make your way to the locked gate in front of the house with the red chimney. To your left is a patch blocked by a broken down wagon, but just to the left of that is a now broken down fence you can go through.

Entry to start on path to get to Four-Winged Key

Go through this fence, there will be a set of stairs immediately on your left to head up onto the porch and through the front door. Go through the house and out the side door you must unlatch. Unlatch the shortcut to your right and then go through the door on the left.

Almost to Four-Winged Key

Once inside you will need to move the cabinet away from the opening, watch out for the Lycan enemy on your right. Ahead will be a tractor we will come back to, but make a left next to it and you’ll come up on the gate with the DO NOT ENTER sign you might’ve happened across in the beginning of the game during the Lycan siege, break the lock with your knife.

There will be a cabinet in the house on your left with a combo lock, use the code 070408 to gain both the M1911 pistol and the Jack Handle. Return with the jack handle to the tractor and use it on the jack at the back, raising it enough for Ethan to be able to crawl under it. Once out from under it take the path to the right and then make a left turn after the rusted tractor. Ahead on your right will be an opening with a gate you can open with the Iron Insignia Key, climb the ladder once through.

Walk along the path on the roof until you reach a drop off point. This will be the house with the red chimney where you will find the Four-Winged Key.

Drop-off before house with Four-Winged Key

Go around to the left of where you dropped down and climb another ladder to get to the roof, there will be a hole to drop down. There will be a single enemy inside. Drop the enemy and then open the ornate box on the nearby table to combine the contents with your Winged Key to make the Four-Winged Key. Now you may return to Duke to progress the game.

There you have it, all you need for how to find the Four-Winged Key in Resident Evil Village.

If you’re looking for more help with the game, be sure to stop by our Resident Evil Village guide wiki.

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