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Biomutant: How to Change Difficulty


Biomutant: How to Change Difficulty

Biomutant difficulty determines the level of challenge you’ll face when trying to save the Tree of Life with your cuddly protagonist pal. The higher the difficulty, the tougher the combat will be, while on the easiest difficulty settings, players should find they can beat enemies with fewer hits. In this guide, we’ll run you through how to change difficulty in Biomutant, what it changes, and whether or not there’s a trophy or achievement tied to beating the game on a certain difficulty setting.

Changing Difficulty in Biomutant

To change difficulty in Biomutant, press the Menu button (Options on PS4, Esc on PC), and then select the ‘Settings’ option. If you open the radial menu with Character, Map, Gear and System, select the ‘System’ option.

biomutant change difficulty

Here, you’ll find a ‘Difficulty’ option under ‘Gameplay. Select this option, and you can switch between Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty settings.

Once you’re happy with the difficulty you want to change to, simply back out of this menu. The game will automatically save any changes you make within the settings, including the Biomutant difficulty you’ve selected.

What Difficulty Changes

The main difference here is the level of challenge that the game’s combat presents. Enemies will take more hits and deal more damage with every attack they land on you on a higher difficulty, and less on lower difficulties.

Is There a Difficulty Trophy/ Achievement?

No. There are no Biomutant difficulty trophies or achievements. Feel free to enjoy the game on whatever difficulty setting you enjoy the most.

For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our Biomutant guide wiki.

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