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5 Mass Effect Characters Too OP to be Squad Members


5 Mass Effect Characters Too OP to be Squad Members

Mass Effect features plenty of amazing squadmates that aid Shepard in taking down the Reapers. Throughout each game in the series, you’ll meet so many different types of useful allies, including a Krogan tank, a Salarian genius, and a deadshot Turian.

Yet, no matter how powerful Shepard’s squad may end up being, we couldn’t help but think that there were some characters in the game that were so OP, so incredibly powerful, that Bioware decided not to add them to the squad in order to make things more challenging. Below, we’ve compiled a list of those characters, which range from a gifted young Corporal to even a Biotic God.

These are the five characters that are too OP to have been made squad members in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Richard Jenkins

When you start the Mass Effect series, Commander Shepard’s first mission takes them to Eden Prime, tasking them with investigating a Prothean ruin. They’re accompanied on this mission by Kaiden Alenko and the legend that is Corporal Richard L. Jenkins. 

Unfortunately, before he is ever able to fire a shot, Jenkins is taken down by a pair of assassins (Geth Drones). While dying to what seems like arguably the weakest enemies in the game may have made this character look puny, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The likely reality is that the Reapers knew that there was no limit to his aspiration if they’d have let Jenkins live. From the moment you speak with him on the Normandy, you can tell he is eager and itching for a fight. He was a high-priority target and the ruthlessly efficient Geth took him out quickly.

This gumption and willpower would no doubt have allowed him to rise through the ranks quickly, surpassing Shepard’s abilities and power in no time. What proof do you have of this, I hear you ask? 

How about the fact that Jenkins can wear any armor in the game, including human, Krogan, Quarian, and Turian, something not even Shepard can accomplish. So versatile! 

As such, it only makes sense that the Geth focused on Jenkins from the start of the mission. In doing so, they managed to take him down before he could ever rise to prominence and single handily eliminate the threat the Reapers posed. 

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