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Find Out Which Son of Ragnar You Are in This Vikings Personality Quiz


Find Out Which Son of Ragnar You Are in This Vikings Personality Quiz

The death of Ragnar Lothbrok took some getting over after the dramatic conclusion to season 4 of Vikings, but there’s no doubt the compelling tales of his four sons kept us locked in until the show concluded for good earlier this year.

The respective tales of Bjorn, Ivar, Hvitserk, and Ubba twisted, turned and converged over the course of two additional seasons packed full of epic highs and heart-breaking lows. Their often firey confrontations with each other was made especially compelling by their differing personalities, despite the fact that each was ultimately motivated to emerge from their legendary father’s shadow and exceed his dizzying fame.

Of course, we all have our favorites; some are likely to be drawn to the brave and noble Bjorn, while others admire the clever but ruthless tactics of the fearsome Ivar. But which does your personality actually match with? We’re here with another of our highly scientific personality quizzes to get the bottom of that very question. Let’s get going, shall we?

Editors note: no, we have not included Sigurd simply because he, sadly, wasn’t around for very long.

Find Out Which Son of Ragnar You Are in This Vikings Personality Quiz

Which of the following traits do you consider most important for a Viking?
Which of these should a Viking consider most important?
Do you consider yourself a strong leader?
Do you think that your friends and family believe you to be a strong leader?
Is it true that sometimes ruling by fear is a good strategy to lead your people?
Do you consider yourself charming?
True or false: Forgiveness is a Christian virtue, but it is one that Vikings would appreciate.
How many slaves would you be willing to sacrifice to win a battle?
Would you betray your gods if it meant salvation for yourself and/or your people?
If your sibling hurt you emotionally and physically, which of the following actions would you take?
Which combat skill is most important for a Viking?
Is fortune or fame more important?
Which relationship status describes you best?

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