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5 PS5 UI Suggestions You Can Have for Free, Sony


5 PS5 UI Suggestions You Can Have for Free, Sony

Last week, Sony released the PlayStation 5’s April update. It added new storage options for your PS5 games (finally!), and some neat social functions such as cross-generation Share Play, and a few PS5 UI tweaks including a tweak of the Game Base where you can see all available Parties and online friends.

We’ve been pretty pleased with the new features — especially the ability to store PS5 games on external storage devices — but there are still a few little gripes we’ve got with the PS5’s UI that I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t be alone in wanting. So, let’s dive right on in!

Turning Off the PS5 from the PlayStation Button

PS5 UI Changes We’d Love to See

PS5 UI changes

Let’s start things off by addressing the one thing every PS4 owner has most likely been wondering why Sony opted to change for the PS5.

On the PS4, when you were ready to power off your PS4 or pop it into rest mode, you could press and hold the PlayStation button in the middle of your DualShock 4 and you’d be able to turn off the console or controller with the press of a button. That’s not the case on the PS5.

To reach that same menu, you’ve now got to press the PlayStation button, navigate to the ‘Power’ option on your Command Centre, press X and then select whether you want to power off, put it in rest mode, or turn off the controller. It’s an extra step, but a seemingly unnecessary one.

Holding the DualSense’s PlayStation button doesn’t actually do anything on your PS5, so why the function has been removed isn’t exactly clear. Please, Sony, bring it back!

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