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5 Big Gameplay Changes Coming In Mass Effect Legendary Edition


5 Big Gameplay Changes Coming In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

1. Big Changes to Mass Effect 3’s Galaxy at War

Gameplay Changes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

You may (or may not) remember that Galaxy at War, Mass Effect 3’s way of determining your galactic readiness (AKA your ability to properly combat the reapers and to see all the endings), was partially determined by your participation in the game’s multiplayer.

While this could have been a disaster for BioWare, Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer was quite good and it wasn’t a requirement (it just made things a lot easier). So as a feature overall, it was OK!

Those that have been following Mass Effect Legendary Edition closely, however, may already know that Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer game mode will not be in the Legendary Edition. So how will galactic readiness and Galaxy at War work? Well, BioWare recently went into some detail.

Instead of external factors such as the old app or multiplayer playing into your galactic readiness, your decisions and the content you complete across all three games will determine how prepared you are. In other words, the more content you complete, the more ready you will be.

BioWare recommends starting with Mass Effect 1 and playing through all of the games while carrying your progress over. If you try and start right with Mass Effect 3 you still can unlock all the endings but you will essentially need to 100% the game.

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