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3 Reasons Katana Zero Still Deserves Your Attention 2 Years Later

Katana Zero

3 Reasons Katana Zero Still Deserves Your Attention 2 Years Later

To celebrate the upcoming two-year anniversary of Katana Zero, we are taking a look at why the game still holds up as an amazing 2D platformer. From its gameplay to its enthralling story, these are three reasons Katana Zero still deserves your attention two years later.

Unique Gameplay

Reasons Katana Zero Still Deserves Your Attention

Katana Zero follows Subject Zero: A man who completes assassinations in order to get more Chronos, a drug that allows him to slow down time and predict the future. Using this drug, players plan out the attacks that the hitman is set to commit, completing them in one continuous side-scrolling assault that must be done without being hit even once. 

The gameplay requires you to kill numerous enemy types, dodge and slash bullets, and use Zero’s time dilation meter to anticipate attacks. Once you complete each section, you’ll watch the battle back at full speed, highlighting just how chaotic it all really is in real-time. 

Alongside this awesome action, Katana Zero’s unique interrupt conversation system makes for a lot of different ways to go about guiding the dialogue that makes up the narrative. Being calm and collected gives Zero a lot more things to say, but sometimes it is just as fun to select the brash answer immediately. 

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