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3 Reasons Why Days Gone Deserves a Sequel

Days Gone

3 Reasons Why Days Gone Deserves a Sequel

Ever since Days Gone released for PS4 in 2019, it has been a rather divisive game. Some argue it’s simply a vanilla open-world RPG, while others praise its gameplay mechanics and unique story. 

Our opinion on the game skewed toward the former, as there simply wasn’t enough substance beneath its glossy surface. Despite this, there is still no doubt the game has potential and is deserving of another go-around with a sequel. 

These are the three reasons we believe Days Gone deserves a sequel. Be sure to leave your own opinions in the comments section below.

***Fair warning, the article below spoilers major parts of Days Gone, including its ending. If you’re looking to enjoy the game spoiler-free, come back after you’ve played through it. ***

Ip Diversity

Reasons Days Gone Deserves Sequel

One of the biggest compliments that Sony often gets regarding its platforms is that it has some of the best and most diverse new IPs in gaming, especially on PS4. 

Instead of simply relying on the same mascots and well-known games, we’ve seen a plethora of new franchises come to PlayStation in the last few years, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us, and Uncharted. These new series injected energy into fans by providing distinct experiences, new characters, and innovative gameplay that helped push the console to the top of the industry. 

And while Days Gone may not sit in that upper echelon of PlayStation exclusive titles, it is still important that Sony continue to expand upon new IPs. Not every game series is going to be a 5/5 GOTY candidate in their debut game.

That obviously isn’t to say that Sony needs to give a sequel to every game it makes, but Days Gone sold well enough and has enough potential gameplay and story to warrant another game. Even if it is a risk, the company still needs to take it, lest they become stagnant and focus on remaking successful titles instead of pushing forward and growing.

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