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6 Best Valheim Seeds You Need To Check Out for a Good Start


6 Best Valheim Seeds You Need To Check Out for a Good Start

Create the world you were meant to rule.

When it comes to the Viking survival game Valheim, the randomness of its procedural generated worlds is a big part of the fun. Trying to manage the world you are given and making a living out of nothing is a fulfilling challenge. However, not all of us like it that way. If you much prefer knowing what lies ahead, join us as we look at six of the best Valheim seeds for that perfect start.

Thanks to the large community of players that have shared their favorite seeds, we have a better idea of what players would like when starting out in Valheim. In order to use a particular seed, simply copy the seed code and insert it into the seed input field when creating a new world.

Before we begin, we will also be including maps created by the useful Valheim World Generator online tool. Created by wd40bomber7, this is an absolutely invaluable tool if you want to preview your new world in Valheim.

Smooth Sailing

Valheim Seed CdjvRssbHZ - Smooth Sailing

For those of you looking to enjoy a peaceful experience in Valheim, this particular seed is made for you. The large starting area provides ample room for exploration and building without immediate danger. Do be careful about venturing too far out though, some bosses are lying in wait.

World Seed: CdjvRssbHZ

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