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4 Features That Set Valheim Apart From Other Survival Games


4 Features That Set Valheim Apart From Other Survival Games

Valheim is the latest hit survival game that seemingly came out of nowhere, but ever since it launched in early access about a month ago now, the game’s shot its way up of Steam’s popular charts, and it’s all anyone can talk about. On the surface, it seems like just another typical survival game, but there are quite a few things that make it unique from the rest of its peers.

Here are four features that make Valheim stand out from other survival games of its ilk.

The Viking Theme


Even before the release of Valheim and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla just last year, the Vikings have always been one of the more fascinating groups of people in history, thanks to the (somewhat inaccurate) bloodthirsty image of them sailing all across the world to raid and plunder.

While Valhalla was an excellent story-driven game about the Vikings themselves and Eivor’s quest for expansion, Valheim actually lets you live out your Viking fantasy in-game.

The world is filled with beautiful meadows that are as vast as the eye can see, surrounded by rocky mountains and thick, imposing forests. You fight dwarves and trolls, and the sense of exploration you get is heightened as you discover more mysterious artifacts and ritual stones scattered all over the place.

The Viking world that Iron Gate AB has crafted here is deeply immersive and an absolute joy to explore, even if the trees won’t stop trying to crush you to death as you cut them down for wood.

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