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Invisible Enemies & No Hitmarkers; Warzone’s New Update Has Made It a Buggy Mess


Invisible Enemies & No Hitmarkers; Warzone’s New Update Has Made It a Buggy Mess

Warzone has never been the most stable of games. With people getting stuck in the ground when claiming loadouts, infinite stim glitches returning a few times, the ability to duplicate Juggernauts, and more, there’s often something that frustrates before being fixed. Since last week’s Update 1.13, Call of Duty’s battle royale has been plagued with bugs to a larger degree than ever before.

The update added another fix for the infinite stim glitch, to hopefully leave it in the past, and solved the reloading issues for Cold War weapons, all while adding a whole host of other issues in their place.

The first one saw the game fully crash for some console players when accessing the Operators tab in the game. It made it impossible to change character or equip any cosmetic items that you might have bought. That one was quickly fixed, but others are still awaiting a solution.

The strangest and most prevalent bug currently in Warzone is the lack of hitmarkers in some situations. It happens more often than it doesn’t in the gulag, but it crops up every now and then out in Verdansk. Since firefights are so reliant on instinct, it’s very offputting when shooting at someone doesn’t give you the usual feedback.

The bullets still do what they’re supposed to, and you’ll often hear the armor crack noises in the background, but there’s nothing visual to show how close you are to killing an enemy. Without hitmarkers, you suddenly think you’re missing entirely, altering how you approach a fight. It removes the fairness and balance from the action.

There’s also a similar issue with crosshairs taking a while a appear when using optics on weapons. When using my DMR last night, with its 3X scope, it often took two or three seconds for the crosshairs to appear, making it nigh on impossible to take out anyone in front of me. It happened at random and was a huge disadvantage when it did.


The final significant issue that’s reared its ugly head in Warzone once more is the invisibility glitch. Sometimes, enemy Operators will be impossible to see, with only their two weapons bobbing around on the map as they run. You’ll still be able to shoot them, it just being impossible to tell where their body ends and finishes.

Their invisibility also isn’t consistent. One member of a squad might be able to see an escaping or approaching enemy while another might not. Once again, it makes the combat encounters wildly unfair at times.

These three significant bugs are on top of a plethora of long-standing problems in Warzone. Here’s a list of some other bugs that have been in the game for a little while or longer and are yet to be fixed:

  • The screen occasionally gets stuck on gearing up as a match starts, only disappearing once you’re able to jump from the plane.
  • Your gas mask can get stuck on after using it, obscuring your vision for the rest of the game.
  • Loadouts can spawn in the sea in Warzone’s Rebirth Island, making them impossible to claim.
  • Bounty Contracts that can’t find a target will offer ‘Consolation Loot’ without actually dropping anything.
  • There are loads of rocks and small fences that can only be jumped over in very specific places.

That’s not all of them either. Each and every player will have experienced different strange bugs. Few are as game-breaking as the ones that Warzone’s new update has implemented, but they’re frustrating nonetheless.

Following extended weapon balance issues introduced alongside the game’s tying to Black Ops Cold War, hacking prevalence that Raven is working to address, the infinite stim glitch, and players’ desire for big changes to come to the core experience, Warzone is becoming a frustrating endeavor.

The regularity of new bugs cropping up and how slow Raven is to address them is putting players off Call of Duty’s huge battle royale. More needs to be done to improve the overall experience and address issues before they’re affecting the game for entire weeks.

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