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Derren Brown Reminds Us Why Little Nightmares II’s Premise Is Utterly Terrifying

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Derren Brown Reminds Us Why Little Nightmares II’s Premise Is Utterly Terrifying

Little Nightmares II is just a week out from its anticipated launch, so it’s no surprise to see the game’s promotion dialing up. What you wouldn’t have counted on seeing, though, is Derren Brown making an appearance along the way. But appear the British mentalist/illusionist indeed has, and his musings about the meaning of nightmares has somehow made Tarsier Studios’ upcoming puzzle-platformer an even more terrifying a prospect!

In a three-minute video sequence published today, Brown offers some insight into the meaning of nightmares according to philosophers throughout history. The spooky part, though, is his own contradicting theories that nightmares might in fact be some sort of malevolent force trying to harm you, as opposed to manifestations of subconscious.

You’ll see a brilliant montage of Little Nightmares II’s frightening creatures and creepy setting, too. It really is worth a watch — oh, unless you’re the sort who prefers to sleep with the lights on, that is!

Little Nightmares II is set for release next week, Feb. 11, for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. A next-generation PS5/Xbox Series X|S upgrade will launch later in 2021, though the game will of course be backward compatible day-and-date with its launch next week.

For more on the game, here’s another suitably scary cinematic trailer, and here’s a Halloween trailer featuring gameplay. Twinfinite has already written a preview article based on its impression from the demo build (which is still available for those who want to try before they buy).

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