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Cold War Zombies: How to Get Refined & Flawless Aetherium Crystals

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Cold War Zombies: How to Get Refined & Flawless Aetherium Crystals

In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to get Refined & Flawless Aetherium Crystals in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

What Refined & Flawless Aetherium Crystals Are Used For

With the release of Black Ops Cold War Season 2, Treyarch is adding a bunch of new content into the Zombies section of the game. Alongside the new Outbreak mode, players can now upgrade their Field Upgrades, Perks and Weapon Classes to Tiers 4 and 5 with the use of Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals respectively.

Specifically, Refined Aetherium Crystals are used to upgrade Perks, Weapon Classes and Field Upgrades from Tier 3 to Tier 4. Flawless Aetherium Crystals are used to upgrade them from Tier 4 to Tier 5.

How to Get Refined Aetherium Crystals in Cold War Zombies

To get Refined Aetherium Crystals, you’ll want to play the new Outbreak Zombies mode. The developers have suggested that completing multiple objectives will eventually lead to players earning some of these crystals.

Refined Aetherium Crystals will also be awarded to players in traditional-round based zombies modes beginning in Season 2. You must reach Wave/ Round 20 to be rewarded with a Refined Aetherium Crystals, instead of the normal Aetherium Crystals.

You’ll then earn another Refined crystal every five levels.

How to Get Flawless Aetherium Crystals in Cold War Zombies

As for Flawless Aetherium Crystals, you’ll also want to play the Outbreak Zombies mode, and push through numerous objectives.

You’ll likely have to push through even more rounds than you do for the Refined Aetherium Crystals, though at this moment it remains unclear just how many objectives you need to complete before they’re awarded.

Flawless Aetherium Crystals can also be earned in traditional round-based zombies modes in Season 2 as well. You’ll have to reach at least Wave/ Round 35 to be awarded a Flawless Aetherium Crystal. These are then awarded every five levels.

That’s everything you need to know on getting Refined & Flawless Aetherium Crystalsin Cold War Zombies. For more tips and tricks on the game, head over to our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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