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Bowser’s Fury Clawswipe Colosseum Shines: How to Get All Cat Shines

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Bowser’s Fury Clawswipe Colosseum Shines: How to Get All Cat Shines

In order to access Clawswipe Colosseum you’ll need to collect five Cat Shines and fight off Fury Bowser using the Lakeside Giga Bell. The island has five new shines that can be completed immediately upon arrival. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all of the Cat Shines in Clawswipe Colosseum in Bowser’s Fury.

How to Get All Clawswipe Colosseum Shines in Bowser’s Fury

Clash with Cat Boom Boom

The first shine can be obtained by beating the Colosseum’s first opponent, Cat Boom Boom.

To get into the Colosseum, travel around the right side of the colosseum until you see a small entrance hidden in the water. Swim in and enter the arena to start the fight.

If you’ve fought Boom Boom in Super Mario 3D World’s main game, or in another Mario title, then you know what to expect. Cat Boom Boom extends his arms before rapidly spinning around the arena.

You can either jump on his head or use a ranged attack like a Boomerang Throw or Fireball to deal damage to him. Once he takes damage he’ll hide in his shell and bounce around the arena, just jump out of the way to dodge his attack.

Once he takes enough damage, he’ll continue to spin but will also go invisible, though you can periodically see an outline of him spinning.

Hit him on the head three times, or deal enough damage with your ranged attack to win and claim the shine.

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