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Cyber Shadow: How to Get All Items & What They Do

cyber shadow items

Cyber Shadow: How to Get All Items & What They Do

What is a ninja without their weapons? Just a very quiet and nimble person dressed in all black. You need to deck out Shadow with as many goodies as you can. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about how to get all the items in Cyber Shadow and what they do.

How to Get All Items & What They Do in Cyber Shadow

There are two ways to obtain items in Cyber Shadow. You can either find them mid-level by destroying crates or parts of the environment. Or you can synthesize items at checkpoints. Each checkpoint has a single item that it can create if you toss in 20 or 50 of the game‘s currency.

Fortunately, once you pay up the first time, that checkpoint will always give you the item. But future and past checkpoints will still need you to pay up if you haven’t already.

All Items List & What They Do

Now it’s time for the fun part. Here’s every single item you can get in Cyber Shadow, along with what they can do for you. Keep in mind that these items will be destroyed after you get hit three times and if you pick up a new item, then you’ll lose your current one.

  • Blade Extend:
    It’s exactly what it sounds like. Having this item will extend the reach of Shadow’s sword.
  • Swag Blade:
    This is the coolest item in the game. It spins around you and damages enemies as you move. You can even attack it to make the giant shuriken go flying into enemies.
  • E-Field:
    The E-Field is part shield, part projectile. This will protect Shadow from most projectiles that come flying at him from the front. The shield can also be fired straight ahead by hitting the attack button. But it will take a few seconds for the shield to regenerate after doing this.
  • Charge Blaster:
    This little floating blaster follows you around and fires off shots when you hit the attack button. There are three levels of charge. The first is a single shot, the second fires off two smaller projectiles above and below where the single-shot flies, and the third level of charge combines the previous two for a total of three projectiles. Shots can only be fired straight ahead.
  • Ningun:
    This is another floating helper that fires projectiles at enemies. However, this one mostly has a mind of its own. The Ningun will fire rapidly at nearby enemies one at a time as long as you’re facing in the direction of the enemies.
  • SP Dispenser:
    The Spirit gauge in Cyber Shadow lets you launch fireballs, throw shurikens, and chain together super stylish dash attacks. But all of those attacks use up SP. The SP dispenser slowly restores your spirit gauge one at a time whenever it’s not full.
  • Salvager:
    This is a bit like the SP Dispenser since it gives you SP. But the biggest difference here is that the Salvager will absorb enemy projectiles and turn them into spirit. The only downsides are that sometimes you’ll want to parry the projectiles instead of having the Salvager turn them into SP and an empty room won’t do you any good if your spirit gauge is low.
  • Orbiter:
    You won’t find this extremely useful item until very late into the game. The Orbiter surrounds Shadow with a ring of eight small orbs. When one of these orbs makes contact with an enemy, it’ll damage or even completely take them out. The orbs will start to disappear if used too often, but they will regenerate over time. The Orbiter doesn’t block projectiles.

That’s all there is to know about how to get all the items and what they do in Cyber Shadow. If you want to learn even more about the coolest item in the game, then check out our guide on the Swag Blade.

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