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The Best Anime of 2020

best anime 2020

The Best Anime of 2020

Award season is upon us here at Twinfinite, and this year we’re going to look back at an amazing roster of anime releases, as we break down the best anime to come out in 2020.

Voted on by our brain trust of our most dedicated anime weebs, the following were the best anime released in 2020, as each series managed to innovate the genre in fun and memorable new ways. Before we get to our top voted anime, we’ve got a few honorable mentions to discuss below.

The Best Anime of 2020

Honorable Mention: ID Invaded

Best new anime

Editor-at-Large Tony Cocking:  Right from the opening, ID Invaded is the embodiment of the word ‘fractured.’ This fracture is most apparent in the literal sense, as we are dropped into a strange universe where bodies are incomplete, and locations drift lazily through the ether as if the whole place had been hit by an existential bomb.

More significantly, however, our interpretation and knowledge is fractured. 

It’s unclear what’s going on in ID Invaded or why it’s happening, and there are sizeable blanks to be filled before we can make any sense of it all. To this end, Sakaido acts as our proxy. Devoid of any memories, he has to use his natural intellect to navigate his way through this bizarre puzzle, unknowing of the rules and the deadly foes who dwell within. 

It’s pretty grim, but that’s what makes it all so enticing.

ID: Invaded asks a lot of its viewers, and if you’re not paying attention, you may miss out on a critical cue that will leave you bewildered. But this lack of handholding is its greatest strength, with engaging events, breathtaking twists, and characters you will root for or others you will despise.

This is a visual spectacle, a gripping narrative, and bold symbolism wrapped up into one package.

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