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Top 10 Best Roguelikes of 2020

Hades, roguelike

Top 10 Best Roguelikes of 2020

The roguelike/roguelite genre has been booming in recent years, and last year was no exception. There were a lot of fantastic roguelike titles released last year and while we would love to showcase them all, this list would be twice as long if we did.

Specifically, we will be leaving out any title released in early access as the full game isn’t fully finished –despite how great it may be in its current state. For the sake of clarity, we will not be distinguishing between the roguelike and roguelite genres as the two have many similarities and overlapping features. 

Star Renegades

Top 10 Best Roguelikes of 2020

Star Renegades, roguelike

Star Renegades is a sci-fi-themed roguelite RPG by Massive Damage, Inc. After getting warned of impending doom by a service robot named J5T-1N, your job as a band of misfits is to rebel against the invading Imperium–an evil dimension-hopping empire.

Every run lost is a chance for survival for another dimension, as J5T-1N warns the next group of Imperium’s incoming onslaught. In the game’s turn-based combat outwit your foes with interrupts, counters, and combos in a fast-paced Reactive Time Battle System. Gather resources to help you on your run and to prepare for the next. Each run offers new characters, worlds, combos, and resources to collect. The gorgeous 2D pixelated graphics aren’t too shabby either.

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