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Destiny 2: Widows Walk Location; Soft Cap Farm


Destiny 2: Widows Walk Location; Soft Cap Farm

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion has just been released. New discoveries and questions come with all of the new content it brings, just as with any game add-ons. If you’re looking to find out how to hit the soft cap, we can help. Here’s how to farm for the soft cap in Widows Walk in Destiny 2.

Widows Walk Location

If you’re looking to reach the Destiny 2 Beyond Light soft cap quickly, Widows Walk is the place you want to go to. It’s found in the Trostland of the EDZ (European Dead Zone).

To get to Widows Walk, you’ll want to land directly into the Trostland, then head north. After heading north for a bit, enter the building on your left side. Then, follow the path down the stairs.

If you’re having a bit of trouble finding exactly where to go, you can open up your EDZ map, move your cursor to the Trostlands, then hover over the Lost Sector icon on the left-hand side.

Here is the location of Widow’s Walk.

Widows Walk Location

Farming for the Soft Cap

To farm for the soft cap properly, all you’ll need to do is follow these simple steps. You’ll want to rush in, kill the Captain boss, collect his drop, open the Lost Sector chest, then repeat the process.

The Captain boss will usually drop a Blue or Purple Engram (sometimes multiple). The Lost Sector chest is located right by where he spawned, and it’ll give you a shot at another Engram.

These Engrams should bring you up to the 1200 soft cap eventually. Simply fast travel back to the Trostlands to repeat this process until you reach your goal. Bring whatever weapons will help you knock out a lost sector boss as quickly as possible.

That’s everything you need to know about how to farm for the soft cap in Widows Walk in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. For more on Destiny 2’s latest expansion, head over to our Beyond Light wiki.

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