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Destiny 2: Beyond Light Story Summary & Ending Explained

destiny 2 story summary beyond light

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Story Summary & Ending Explained

Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s story finally moves a few key parts of the series’ overarching narrative along. Because it’s Destiny, though, nothing is ever clean cut and finite. As one door closes, another opens as they say and that’s very true in this series. You’re here because you’d like a nice and simple story summary of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign and an explanation of the expansion’s ending right? Well, let’s get into it.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Story Summary

Eramis and the Darkness

beyond light story summary

The Beyond Light story started, in earnest, last season when the Darkness pyramid ships finally arrived in the Solar System. This was foreshadowed at the end of Shadowkeep, and low and behold they came through.

For the most part they kind of just hung around and stared at everyone angrily until the end of last season when they made entire planets and moons completely disappear which is… problematic. If that wasn’t bad enough, the start of the Beyond Light campaign introduces a new and even more immediate problem.

The normally scattered Fallen are uniting under a new Kell known as Eramis. Why is she so popular? Well, she has demonstrated strength through her acquisition of new powers given to her by the Darkness.

She is threatening to destroy all those who side with the Light by creating an army of Fallen that are all capable of wielding this new power.

We learn about this thanks to Variks, our controversial “ally” who has been hiding out on Europa since he aided in the breakout at the Prison of Elders; a move that led to the death of Cayde-6.

Variks once supported Eramis, thinking she had the Fallen’s interests at heart, but now he sees that she has grown twisted from this new power and wishes to continue serving the Light. As a result, he calls out for someone to help him and we come through.

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