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Watch Dogs Legion: Can You Block? Answered

Watch Dogs Legion, Can You Block? Answered

Watch Dogs Legion: Can You Block? Answered

Combat is a key part of Watch Dogs Legion, and whether you’re playing as an expert hitwoman or a frail old drunk, you’ll inevitably find yourself in a frantic fistfight at one point or another. as such, you might end up assailed by a hail of punches, during which a question might flash through your mind: Can you block in Watch Dogs Legion?

Fortunately for you, we’ve tested out the game’s many mechanics and found an answer for you.

Can You Block in Watch Dogs Legion? Answered

Currently, you cannot block enemy attacks with your characters in Watch Dogs Legion.

The reason for this is unclear, but given the fact that a large part of the combat involves gunfights and projectile weapons, it’s likely the game’s developers at Ubisoft decided against taking up development time implementing the feature in the game.

Instead, every character has the ability to dodge attacks. This is done by pressing the Circle Button on PlayStation 4 or the B Button on Xbox One. Doing so will cause your character to dodge backward, to the side or forward in order to avoid incoming attacks, with the direction they dodge determined by which direction you’re tilting the left analogue stick in.

As for whether Watch Dogs Legion’s characters might gain the ability to block down the line, The possibility is there.

Ubisoft could introduce DLC characters down the line who are able to block incoming attacks via a special tool or ability. However, there’s no confirmation that this is being considered by the developers, and they may not even consider blocking a gameplay feature worth adding if it isn’t heavily requested by players.

As such, it’s probably best to learn to live without the mechanics during your time with the game, and otherwise avoid placing all your hopes on the feature being added anytime soon.

That’s everything there is to know about whether you can block in Watch Dogs Legion. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has helpful tips, tricks and info tied to topics like whether there’s a difficulty Achievement and Trophy and how to upgrade to next-gen versions of the title.

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