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5 Things to Do First in Watch Dogs Legion


5 Things to Do First in Watch Dogs Legion

After a long wait, Watch Dogs Legion is finally available on consoles and PC. Before you dive into the game, we’ve prepared a short list of things you should do first when you boot it up.

Update the Game If You’re on Xbox One

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In case you didn’t know already, Watch Dogs Legion appears to have a game-breaking bug on Xbox One. Once you reach a certain mission about midway through the game, the game crashes and causes the console itself to shut down. Ubisoft is reportedly working on a hotfix to resolve the issues, but if you picked up the Xbox One version, make sure to update the game to its latest version before playing.

We played through the entirety of the game on PC with no game-breaking issues, but it’s still worth noting that the PC build isn’t totally free of bugs either. We still experienced regular crashes and frame rate drops, and while the game is still playable, be warned that you could experience these issues as well.

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