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Apex Legends: How Crossplay Works

Apex Legends crossplay

Apex Legends: How Crossplay Works

The crossplay beta for Apex Legends has just begun. Respawn announced it not long ago, and today, it’s available for players across all platforms as part of the Aftermarket Collection event. If you’re wondering how to use the feature, look no further. Here’s how crossplay works in Apex Legends.

How Crossplay Works in Apex Legends

How to Turn it On

First of all, the crossplay feature will be enabled by default for the Aftermarket event, allowing you to enter matches with other players across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This setting can be disabled from the settings menu, though, if you’re not interested.

Disabling the Apex Legends crossplay feature will cause you to only be matched up with other players that also have it disabled.

How to Invite Friends

You’ll be able to search for a friend’s name, regardless of the platform that they’re playing on. Simply go to the Friends menu, then select Find a Friend to enter their name.

Apex Legends Crossplay

Apex Legends crossplay parties that only contain players on consoles (PS4 or Xbox One) will not be put in PC lobbies. This will only happen if a PC player is in a party with console players.

You’ll be able to tell which platform a teammate is playing on if you look at the symbol next to their name in the party. The three different symbols will look like this:

Apex Legends Crossplay Friends

Once you’re in a crossplay party, all players will be able to communicate using in-game voice chat.

There isn’t a cross-progression system in play yet for those who use multiple platforms to play, but Respawn has said more info on that will be available in the future.

That’s everything you need to know about how crossplay works in Apex Legends. If you’re looking to jump into the event today, be sure to read up on the new patch notes beforehand.

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