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Apex Legends Crossplay Beta Coming This Month Alongside New Event

apex legends crossplay

Apex Legends Crossplay Beta Coming This Month Alongside New Event

Apex Legends hasn’t had a major event in some time, but that’s about to change this month. Starting next week, players will be able to jump into the Aftermarket Collection event while getting a taste of the crossplay features that’ll be coming to Apex Legends in the future.

Respawn announced that crossplay would be coming to Apex Legends at some point this fall. Well Season 6 has added a lot of features, and now, crossplay is here in the form of a beta that’ll be available starting Oct. 6 along with the new event. The crossplay features will be between PS4, Xbox One, and PC users.

Players on all platforms will be able to join together to play the Flashpoint limited-time mode as part of the Aftermarket Collection event.

Flashpoint removes health and shield pickups. Instead, players need to go to “flashpoint” areas to regain health and shields. This will create hotspots of activity between teams though, so watch out.

The event is also adding 24 lmited-time items, including plenty of new skins.

Check out the trailer below to see everything mentioned above and more:

If you’re looking to get even more skins, you can get some for free using your Twitch Prime subscription. Claim a few free rewards on the Prime Gaming page.

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