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6 Other Webtoons (Manhwa) That Deserve Anime Adaptations


6 Other Webtoons (Manhwa) That Deserve Anime Adaptations

For the longest time, Japanese manga adaptations have been the backbone of the anime industry, as shows use their source material as a guide to help bring unique stories to life. Recently, though, two new Summer anime proved that webtoons – also known as manhwa – also have a lot to offer.

Thanks to Tower of God and God of High School’s success, we’ve compiled a list of six other webtoons that deserve anime adaptations of their own.

The Breaker

Chunwoo Han is an elite martial artist, earning the Nine Arts Dragon title from a secret martial arts society that exists within modern society. Using everything he’s learned, including his hatred, the fighting master teaches a bullied child, Shiwoon Yi, to fight against oppression. 

The Breaker’s story follows Yi and Hans journey together, as the two form an unbreakable teacher and student bond. The story is tight, while also managing to dole out an important mixture of comedy and seriousness to balance things out. 

The series is a perfect candidate for an adaption, as it includes plenty of aspects that fans love about shonen-style combat animes that currently dominate the landscape. 

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