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Torchlight III Launches For PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 13

Torchlight III

Torchlight III Launches For PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 13

Dungeon crawler Torchlight III will be leaving Steam Early Access and launches for PC and consoles on Oct. 13, developer Echtra Games announced today.

The action RPG will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Oct. 13 with a Nintendo Switch version coming later this year. The game will cost $39.99, $10 more than currently through Steam Early Access.

Each version of the game will come with an exclusive fairy pet with Steam getting a violet glittersprite, Xbox One getting a verdant glittersprite, PlayStation 4 getting an azure glittersprite, and Nintendo Switch getting an ashen glittersprite.

Torchlight III takes place a century after the previous game with new adventurers required to save the world of Novastraia from invasion by the Netherim and its allies.

It will include online four-player cooperative multiplayer, offline single-player, three acts, fully customizable forts, four hero classes, five relics, a pet system with skills and gear, a challenging end-game experience called “Fazeer Shah’s Dun-Djinn,” and more.

The game was originally called Torchlight Frontiers and was expected to contain more MMO-like aspects with a free-to-play system, but was shifted to a fully-fledged sequel last January. It was then released in Steam Early Access last June.

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