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NBA 2K21: How to Create Custom MyTeam Jerseys and Court

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Custom

NBA 2K21: How to Create Custom MyTeam Jerseys and Court

MyTeam mode is all about creating a personalised team full of stars that you love. But what about the jerseys they wear and the court they play on? Don’t worry, you’ll have full control over those, too. Here’s how to create custom MyTeam jerseys and a court in NBA 2K21.

How to Create Custom MyTeam Jerseys and Court in NBA 2K21

Lifetime Agendas

Lifetime Agendas are brand new tasks that have been added to MyTeam mode in this year’s 2K basketball sim. These Agendas are basically challenges that provide prizes upon completion as you play the game mode.

The ability to customize jerseys and a court in NBA 2K21 just so happens to be one of these prizes. To view the list of Lifetime Agendas, select View Season Progress from the MyTeam Home tab.

The Team Creation reward will be under the MyTeam Fanatic section of the Lifetime Agendas menu.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam custom jersey

Collect Cards

In order to unlock the ability to customize a court and jerseys in NBA 2K21, you’ll need to collect 75 MyTeam cards. That shouldn’t actually take as long as you may think.

Cards can be earned in every single game mode in MyTeam, either in single player or multiplayer. Domination, Triple-Threat, and Challenge mode are your best bets when it comes to earning new cards to add to your collection.

You can also collect cards by spending VC or MT (virtual currency) to open card packs in the Pack Market.

Once you manage to add 75 cards to your collection, just return to the Season Progress menu to claim your reward. After this, you’ll have full team customization available to you.

How to Customize Jerseys and Court

NBA 2K21 custom court

These menus can be extremely confusing. Even after unlocking the customization option, it can be tough to find it.

Go to the My Team tab, then select Lineup Management. From there, hit Edit Lineup, and tab over to Franchise. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the options to design uniforms, a logo, and an arena.

That’s everything you need to know about how to create custom MyTeam jerseys and a court in NBA 2K21. If you’re looking for more tips, check out our Guide Wiki for the game.

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