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5 Ways Marvel’s Avengers Could’ve Been Better


5 Ways Marvel’s Avengers Could’ve Been Better

Co-Op Campaign

Ways Marvel’s Avengers Could Have Been Better

When you first boot up Marvel’s Avengers, it informs you that the Avengers Initiative (the multiplayer) section of the game contains spoilers for the campaign, and so advises you play through that first.

Under normal circumstances this’d be fine, because it turns out that the campaign is pretty great. The writing’s solid — albeit a little cliché — and makes playing through the various missions far more enjoyable as a result.

The problem is, the campaign lasts for about 10-15 hours and is entirely single-player. Given the game has been pushed as a grindy mutiplayer experience, recommending players take on 12 hours of gameplay on their own before jumping into what you’d be forgiven for thinking was a co-op experience is just odd.

By the time I’d wrapped up the campaign, I was fatigued with Marvel’s Avengers monotonous gameplay (I’ll dive into this shortly) and didn’t even really want to play with friends.

Had the developers enabled players to slowly but surely have more and more players join them in their campaign as they grew their roster of Avengers, I think a lot more of the ‘team synergy’ and bad-ass combos you can pull off with other heroes would have come to the forefront of the experience for a lot of players.

Alas, for now, you’re destined to plod through Kamala Khan’s adventure on your lonesome, with nobody but the slightly stupid AI companions to help you out.

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