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Remnant From the Ashes: How to Get Glowing Fragments & What They Do

glowing fragments remnant from the ashes

Remnant From the Ashes: How to Get Glowing Fragments & What They Do

As part of the release of Remnant From the AshesSwamps of Corsus DLC came a number of new items and features for players to get their heads around. Aside from the obviously added gameplay, the Swamps of Corsus DLC also introduced players to Glowing Fragments in Remnant From the Ashes. Unsure how to get them or what they do? We’ll answer all your questions right here.

What Are Glowing Fragments?

Glowing Fragments are essentially a new type of currency in Remnant From the Ashes that allows players to purchase new armor skins. These can be purchased from a new vendor in Ward 13 that was introduced as part of the Swamps of Corsus DLC.

You’ll need at least 10 Glowing Fragments to get any of the armor on offer. On the face of it, this can seem a little bit much for some armor skins which are simply a cosmetic option. They don’t bolster your stats, but instead allow you to retain your existing armor’s stats, with a fresh lick of paint over the top.

How to Get Glowing Fragments in Remnant From the Ashes

Cutting right to the chase, Glowing Fragments are dropped by enemies in both Survival Mode, as well as the Hard and Nightmare difficulties of the standard Campaign and Adventure Modes.

That being said, you’re better off playing through on Survival Mode, playing on Normal difficulty or whatever you feel you’ll enjoy more (for you pros out there, you can go for a higher difficulty is what we’re trying to say).

It’s worth noting that not all enemies will drop Glowing Fragments when you defeat them. Instead, only bosses and Elite enemies will drop them. These are the types of enemy that will spawn in an area or dungeon from time to time. Their presence is also signaled by the sound of a chime.

Elite enemies have more health and a unique moveset, so they will require a little more finesse to take down than your normal enemy.

That’s everything you need to know about Glowing Fragments. For more of our coverage on the game, you can check out the links below.

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