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Carrion: How To Get Past Harpoons


Carrion: How To Get Past Harpoons

Carrion‘s gruesome be-the-monster premise has snagged the attention of many gamers looking to shred scientists, but there are some difficult sections that many players are stuck on. Twinfinite has the answers to all your questions. Here’s how to get past harpoons in Carrion.

Towards the latter half of the game, in the Armored Warfare Facility area, players might stumble across metal claws with lights underneath. Should the creature wander underneath those claws, they’ll latch onto the beast before exploding a short while later.

Carrion harpoons

These are the harpoons, and their explosion will kill the creature instantly, making them quite a difficult obstacle for many players. But don’t lose hope. There is a guaranteed way to get past these destructive harpoons thanks to a late-game ability.

Getting Past Harpoons

This ability is Keratosis, a defensive ability that allows the creature to grow a thick, stone-like outer layer around itself. By using Keratosis when a harpoon is latched onto the creature, you won’t take any damage, allowing you to bypass them unharmed. You can even use the harpoon’s explosion to unlock new areas by bringing it over to certain types of walls!

Carrion Keratosis

Do note though, that Keratosis requires electrical power to use, and that a successfully blocked harpoon blast will completely empty your power meter. Make sure to charge up at a power station between harpoon blasts, lest you be vaporized by the powerful explosion.

And that’s all we have on how to get past harpoons in Carrion. Looking for more Carrion content? Check out our guides on how to dash, or how to get past lasers. Alternatively, check out our full review of Carrion right here to see our full thoughts on the game. For more content on Carrion, make sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite, as we have more guides on the way.

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