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Top 10 Best Fall Guys Minigames, Ranked

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Top 10 Best Fall Guys Minigames, Ranked

Fall Guys is taking the world by storm. The concept is simple: compete against 59 other players in a series of minigames. Players are eliminated in each round until only one person remains and takes the crown.

There are 24 different minigames in total, though you’ll typically play about four or five each game. From races to team battles, not all challenges are created equally. We’ve ranked the top 10 best minigames you can play in Fall Guys.

10. Gate Crash

gate crash

Gate Crash is very straightforward, and while some people might find that boring, it is one of the few minigames that can be completed consistently once you get the hang of it.

The gates rise and fall in a pattern, so this challenge is all about the timing. For the most part, you don’t have to worry too much about what the other players are doing here. Just keep your eye on a gate as you’re running and time your jumps properly.

The part of Gate Crash that sets it apart from being too repetitive is the final jump at the end. It requires a lot of careful timing to run down the hill and jump while the gate is open; most people run aimlessly and end up falling. If you master this challenge, you’re certain to get ahead easily.

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