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Battletoads: How to Play As Pimple, Zitz, and Rash


Battletoads: How to Play As Pimple, Zitz, and Rash

Battletoads features three playable characters: Pimple, Zitz, and Rash. Alongside unique looks, each character has their own distinct playstyle. So which one should you play as? Here is everything you need to know about how to play as Pimple, Zitz, and Rash in Battletoads

Battletoad Character Differences

Whether you’re playing single player or co-op, it is essential to know that each of the three toads move and fight differently. Between the three of them, their power, speed, and attacks are going to be the main things you’ll notice. 

Depending on how you like to play brawlers, choosing between Pimple, Zitz, and Rash may affect how you enjoy the game. Each character can also be tagged-in and out when not playing with three people at onces, so its also good to swap them out depending on your situation and the enemy type. 

With that in mind, here is how all three characters play. 

How to Play as Pimple 

Known as “the strong one,” Pimple is the tank in the group. His movements are the slowest of all three characters, but his attacks are the strongest. 

Anytime you want to do a lot of damage or need to clear out a bunched up room, Pimple is going to be your best bet. Just remember that the big guy isn’t too nimble. 

How to Play as Zitz

Known as “the leader” of the Battletoads, Zitz is the quickest one in the group. Alongside his dash movements being extra speedy, Zitz’s punches are also lightning fast. 

While his punches may be fast, he is easily the weakest of the group power-wise. If you’ve got a lot of people in one area, it can be hard to move around without getting hit. 

You’ll want to use Zitz when there is plenty of room to move around and if you need to dodge a lot. 

How to Play Rash

Known as “the one with Sunglasses,” Rash is the middle of the three toads when it comes to his style. He’s not too fast, but also not too weak. 

From his punches to his evasion, pretty much everything about Rash is balanced between Zitz and Pimple.

Since he doesn’t have any strengths, there will be certain situations where you may want to use one of the other two character’s specialties, at least if you’re playing single player. 

That is everything you need to know about how to play as Pimple, Zitz, and Rash in Battletoads. For more help with the game, be sure to search Twinfinite, as we’ve got plenty of guides and features about the game for you to explore.

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