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5 Things Destiny 2 Needs to Actually Feel Like an MMO


5 Things Destiny 2 Needs to Actually Feel Like an MMO

Better Social Features

We start this list off with by far the most important change that needs to be made if Destiny 2 is ever going to feel like an MMO: better social and chat features.

The PC version of the game has text-chat already, so I’m speaking more to the console versions at this point which desperately need in-game text chat.

Other console games have this option. I can plug my keyboard into my PS4 and type while playing Final Fantasy XIV. Xbox One controllers have the keyboard attachment. And if someone wanted to ride the struggle bus and do it the hard way via the slow-chat offered by PS4 and Xbox One then so be it, it’s better than nothing.

However you want to do it, the lack of text-chat on consoles is really hurting the ability for players to more easily link up with new people. Having to rely on outside apps is not something that anyone should be happy about.

It seems to be something that can be implemented in Destiny 2, again it’s in the PC version of the game, but it just hasn’t yet. If Bungie gets on that sometime soon, that could open the door to the next entry on this list.

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