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5 Most Overrated & Underrated Teams in Madden 21


5 Most Overrated & Underrated Teams in Madden 21

New Orleans Saints (93|Overrated)

Only one team wouldn’t be overrated in the number one spot in Madden 21 and that’s the underrated Kansas City Chiefs. Don’t get me wrong, the Saints are still fantastic, but they should not be the best team overall. They’re probably the most balanced team but are certainly not the best.

With an aging QB in Drew Brees, it’ll be interesting to see if he maintains his high level of play throughout yet another season. In reality, his deep balls have noticeably lost power and accuracy. Yet, he has a deep pass accuracy stat of 89 in Madden 21.

If his accuracy drops off in reality it’s likely that his stats in Madden will also decline. And if that’s the case, then I doubt that an offense run by backup Taysum Hill will get anywhere near the 96 rating that their offense is currently at.

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